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Cara Mara harvests Irish seaweed in the Summer and Autumn seasons, when the biomass and nutrient content of the Fucus Serratus seaweed is richest.  Each month during the few days of low spring tides, when it becomes accessible, this natural growing organic Fucus seaweed is hand-cut by our responsible harvesters so that it will sustainably re-grow.  It is sorted, packed and fresh frozen at the seashore locking in all the rich natural goodness.  So you can enjoy fresh seaweed baths throughout the year, in the luxury, comfort and convenience of your own bath at home.

Cara Mara Seaweed | Still Sea With Seaweed on Rocks
Cara Mara Fucus Serratus Seaweed Close up
Harvesting Cara Mara Fucus Serratus Seaweed By Hand On The West Coast Of Ireland. Sustainable Seaweed Skincare

Seaweed Baths: How It Works

Seaweed baths are a traditional Irish feel-good and 'get well' therapy, enjoyed by our ancestors over the centuries.  Today pharmaceutical and medical businesses incorporate seaweed extracts into many skincare and medical solutions.

The Fucus Serratus seaweed naturally absorbs important minerals and vitamins from the sea, making it far richer than anything grown on land.  These minerals include potassium which assists nerve and cell function and renewal, magnesium, calcium, iodine, the single most important element in helping regulate the body's metabolism and Vitamin B which assists with stress relief.

Heated in the warm waters of the bath, the seaweed secretes luxurious therapeutic oils.  The warm waters also open the pores in your skin. Rich seaweed oils are then readily absorbed into your skin. All you have to do is lie back and; Relax, Recover, Renew.


Delivery and Use

CARA MARA is delivered to your home in a 3kg pack in an iconic blue insulated cooler bag which can later be used as a picnic or gym bag.

The fresh frozen seaweed bath pack can be stored in a cool place and used within 24 hours of receipt.  Or if later use is intended stored in a freezer for 4 weeks. So you can easily place in the freezer, the pack is split into two separate freezer bags.

For the true traditional seaweed bath experience use the full 3 kilos.  For those without a traditional bath, use one of the two bags.  For example it's great for a foot bath for Sports Active people or if you are on your feet all day.


After The Bath

As the bath water is emptying, simultaneously remove the seaweed into its original bucket container.  This can be split into smaller portions and used for foot baths / massages within a few days.  Alternatively it can be refrozen and you can enjoy footbaths over the next few weeks.

It is easy to clean the bath straight after use.  Optionally it can be rinsed and rubbed down with your usual bath cleaning agent.  Customer feedback indicates this is as easy as for a normal bath.

At the end of use, the seaweed, which will still be rich in nutrients, can be placed in with  organic compost to generate a rich fertiliser for your garden, or can be placed in an organic matter recycling bin.

The seaweed container can be re-used as a storage container, flower pot, or placed in the green recycling bin.


Events and Businesses

CARA MARA regularly attends exhibitions associated with major sports events e.g. Womens' Mini Marathon, Dublin City Marathon, and at festivals around the country.  Order CARA MARA seaweed bath pack online and collect at these events saving the delivery charge.

As part of the National Workplace Wellbeing initiative, CARA MARA delivers to businesses and organisations nationwide.

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Buy your freshly harvested seaweed bath pack €39, includes free cooler bag and free delivery

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