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Whether you are involved in competitive or social running, cycling or team sports, a CARA MARA seaweed bath in your own home spa on a regular basis can help you relax and prepare in advance of your big challenge, and afterwards be an aid to sore muscle recovery.

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Seaweed baths offer a feel-good get-well factor, and help to:

Speed up healing
Remove toxins
Improve circulation
Relax mind and body
Relieve body aches
Reduce inflammation

Seaweed Baths and Sports

Whether as runners, cyclists, golfers, martial art fighters, footballers, team sport players, we are all sports active. We're all competitive. We love to win. It might be to get a personal best; to go further than we have gone before. It might be to win the game or the competition. We love the personal challenge, the fun, the enjoyment of sport and exercise.

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We train and practise for our big event maybe for months, maybe all year. Then a niggling injury occurs. We might get annoyed with ourselves. Will we be ready for the big run? Will we be fit for the match?  Will I miss out? Team players hate to let the team down.

Seaweed baths can give you an edge in preparation and recovery.  CARA MARA can form part of your sport's health and wellness program. CARA MARA can help you be 'sports active'.


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The bath was very relaxing and I felt refreshed afterwards after a long week of training

Irish International rugby player