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Over half our wake life is spent working either in the work place or at home.  Today, the work culture and environment is very focused on achievement of results and deadlines.  This may lead to an unconscious build-up of pressure on our mind and body.  Problems show up; stress, irritability, poor sleep patterns, fatigue, physical / mental illness from a weakened immune system.

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Life leaders advocate a balanced holistic approach to a healthy life including diet, exercise, breathing and sleep.  CARA MARA seaweed baths, in the relaxation of your own home, offers stress relief and makes a positive contribution to your healthy life.   A prevention and cure factor!

Seaweed baths offer a stress relief, a feel-good get-well factor, and help to:

  • Relax the body and mind
  • Stimulate the body's metabolism and blood flow
  • Assist the removal of toxins from our bodies
  • Assist nerve and cell function and renewal
  • Get a good night's sleep



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I had a seaweed bath and was amazed with the instant results.  My skin disorder due to shingles cleared up immediately.

Dublin International Mountaineer & Hike Leader