Bringing The Spa Home | Cara Mara on Newstalk

Newstalk FM 106 featured Cara Mara on Mr George Hook's "Kickstart Your Business" feature.

"What you're doing is bringing the spa to the home." George Hook

As A Good As A Thai Massage

Before George and Gerard discussed the Cara Mara home spa experience, Henry McKean shared his experience of testing the product for Newstalk.  His prognosis "as good as a Thai massage".

"People have forgotten the brilliant tradition of the Irish seaweed bath" Richard McManus


George asked:

  • "What's the shelf life of the product?"

"We fresh freeze it and it's delivered in an insulated cooler bag. So it will last all year round so long as it's frozen."

  • "What are the benefits of a seaweed bath?

"Great for skincare. Getting rid of difficulties from dry skin: ezcema, psoriasis,  ..." Richard McManus

  • How often should we take one?"

"Our ancestors used to take a seaweed bath once a season, every quarter." Richard McManus

  • "Where do you get it?"

Donegal's Burtonport is one of the locations where the fresh seaweed is harvested in Summer when the biomass is greatest . Typically the seaweed stays submerged except during high spring tide and when the moon is full.

Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge thoughts on the Cara Mara home spa experience:

  • "Indulge once a month"
  • "You're getting the same kind of benefits as you would on the West Coast"
  • "The website does a great job of giving you an immediate sense of what it's about"


Listen Back To What George, Henry and Gerard Had To Say On Newstalk's Right Hook



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