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Discover New Life Better Health at Easter


If you are over 30 do you ?

  • struggle to get out of bed in the morning ?
  • arrive at work still half asleep ?
  • wonder how you got there – can’t remember your journey ?

come home shattered after a non stop busy week at work ?

suffer on a regular basis from colds, flu, winter blues?

feel stiff, unfit, out of sorts ?

Would you wish to be like the young ones in their 20’s – physically active and alive ?

full of life and on top of your world ?

Well now, I will help you to Discover New Life, Better Health at Easter


Story of new born lambs

For the last month I have watched the new born lambs in a field behind our house. First they individually discover their world – never wandering too far from their mother – then run back to her for milk and comfort. If they stray too far, they then return at speed. Often they fall, but immediately pick themselves up and resume their run.



After a week or two they are embolden with their brothers and sisters to explore the little hills, the small wood. The really adventurous one goes further and breaks out to explore the rich greener world outside.

Over the last few weeks they have become busy - spend more time feeding – getting fatter. They are still lambs and they tend to gather in a mini flock of their own. Sometimes it is to play games. One will break off and go running across the field. The other 15 or so will follow in hot pursuit. They obviously enjoy their fun and it is comical to watch.

We can learn from the lambs.

No matter what our age, we can become healthier – more active, more creative, more fun, more alive in ourselves and with the world around us.


How ?

How do we become healthier ? The simple answer is

  • Listen to our body
  • Learn how to improve
  • Do it

Many people wait for a mini catastrophe – an injury, an illness – before they make a change to their life. Why wait ? Why settle for mediocre ? Do you want to be average ? or do you want to lead as full a life as God and this Universe challenges us to ?


Recently listening to the Mel Robbins Ted Talk I heard that the chance of you being born at the moment in time you were born, with the parents you were born to, with the DNA structure that you have, is 1 in 4 trillion that is 1 in 400,000,000,000. You are bloody unique. You are absolutely incredible. There will never be another you. You deserve to be the best “You” that the Universe challenges you to be.

Discover new life, better health at Easter.


But How ?

It is simple – 3 simple steps as above. It is not easy – you need commitment, patience, persistence, and expectation. If I can do it, you can do it. Expect to Succeed.

On 6 January I set myself a goal of “Healthy Living”. Specifically by June to

  • Be injury free – specifically resolve a knee problem–be able to enjoy active sport
  • Feel good about my health - be on top of the world – through exercise, rest, diet, mental.
  • Feel younger, bubbly, enthusiastic, energetic


You can come on this journey with me.  In recent times I have attended programmes run by some of the most successful people around the world – Tony Robbins, Gerry Duffy and many more. They will all tell you, Success leaves Clues. Each of them live their lives, continually learning, continually exploring. It is amazing how much each of these leadership and health experts have in common. Some of the key nuggets which I have learned, experienced, experimented with and successfully applied – I will tell you about in the coming weeks in a series of articles on

  • Sleep
  • Exercise & body
  • Relaxation
  • Energy / food


Want to get started ?

Irish Gifts Online - The Goal Getter By Gerry Duffy

In January last year I purchased four copies of Gerry Duffy’s book The Goal Getter for presents, and one for myself. As is sometimes the case, I get a book, dip into it, and then leave it on the shelf. On 6 January last, I was fed up of being injured and not being on top of the world. I did two things

  • Compiled a Vision Board for my goals for 2017 – smart specific goals, with dates and images.
  • Started to read the Goal Getter one chapter a day – summarising in writing in one line the key learning from each chapter – seeking to apply it.

I was determined to enjoy better health. This was the action course embarked on and the commitment made. I now invite you to follow the same path. If you make the commitment and follow through, you will be amazed with the results.


Why ?


Why do I do this ? First of all I am passionate about health and wellbeing. Secondly I would like you to share and experience this love for life, for health, for happiness.
Also part of my journey is Cara Mara luxury seaweed baths. We deliver Health & Happiness in a bath. If you would like to know more, please enjoy our relaxing 2 minute video / audio Cara Mara. A seaweed bath can be the start of your journey to discover new life better health at Easter.


Do it now !

If you have read this far, you are clearly interested in improving your health and wellbeing. You know, this is as far as most people get. They use words such as  … like to  … aspire to …. wish for …. but it never happens. One other learning that came from Mel Robbins Ted Talk is the 5 Second Rule.

If you are having an impulse that is pulling you …. if you don’t marry it with an action within 5 seconds … you pull the emergency brake and kill the idea.

Before you finish reading this, commit to doing something. Write it in your diary, on your calendar – what you are going to do. I challenge you to start the journey. I will be with you each week for the next month. You and me – we’re in this together ! I would love to hear about your own experiences. You can contact me at Cara Mara.


Come on. Discover new life, better health at Easter. Talk with you next week …. about Sleep & Health.

Happy Easter and enjoy your week


Cara Mara luxury seaweed baths


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