Your Natural Good Health Is Our Wish

Have a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable experience that is our wish for you. Seaweed baths, however, are not advised for a person:

With high / low blood pressure or heart problems.

With an overly active thyroid gland

That is allergic to iodine.

In the first 13 weeks of pregnancy and 6 months after giving birth.

If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor for advice.

Cara Mara Seaweed From The Wild Atlantic Way

Dry and Difficult skin

Our ancestors who lived along the Atlantic coast enjoyed seaweed baths on a seasonal basis as a defence against illness and as healing for many ailments. Sea water is very close in its composition to that of the plasma in our blood. The rich minerals and vitamins absorbed from the sea appear in concentrated form in the Fucus Serratus seaweed. For those with difficult, dry or irritable skin, a CARA MARA seaweed bath moisturises, soothes and conditions, and the rich nutrients help the re-growth of healthy skin.

Heated in the warm waters of the bath, the seaweed secretes luxurious therapeutic oils. The warm waters also open the pores in your skin. Rich seaweed oils are then readily absorbed into your skin. A seaweed bath is a very personal experience, which should delight and relax all the five senses.

Irish Seaweed and Health

Of the total seaweed harvested in Ireland each year 99% is used as animal feed or to fertilise some of the best golf courses and gardens in the world. Animals and plants thrive on our organic seaweed. Only 1% is used by humans as food or for seaweed baths.

Through the centuries our ancestors who lived along the western seaboard enjoyed seaweed bathing on a seasonal basis as a means of maintaining good health. In the late 1800s there were several hundred seaweed bath houses around the coast of Ireland.

With the introduction of modern bathrooms into houses in the early 1900s the common practice of taking seaweed baths unfortunately died out. In recent times seaweed is reacquiring it's fame as a super food and with seaweed baths an acknowledged feel-good get-well traditional Irish wellness therapy.

At a time of escalating health care costs and health insurance premiums more and more people are taking greater responsibility for their own wellbeing. Prevention rather than cure is the current mantra. CARA MARA seaweed baths at home can form part of the modern holistic health menu.


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I was shocked at the amount of naturals oils that came from the seaweed bath. The results lasted on my skin for almost a week it was amazing. Fantastic product.