Mother's Day & Just like your Mother - True or False ?

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do great ads that connect with our soul, our traditions, ourselves. Many of us can recall  the grandmother welcoming her grand-daughter into the house  and thinking to herself she’s “just like her mother”. As sons and daughters, our mother holds a special place in our hearts and minds - especially next Sunday as it is Mother's Day.

We can be very like our mothers / grandmothers, and at the same time we live very different lives, in very different times. My daughter Cliodhna is currently studying in DCU St. Pat’s to be a primary teacher. One of her class assignments was to interview her grandmother about her childhood memories of Christmas presents.

Cliodhna  “Nana what did you get as a Christmas present, when you were a little girl ?”

Nana         “Sometimes I got an orange”.

ORANGEI was surprised at this. On reflecting however, this was not entirely strange. Back a couple of generations, times in Ireland were difficult, especially in country areas.  There was not a lot of money, and an orange was regarded as an exotic – something to be talked about, played with, enjoyed.


How well do we know ?

The above little story got me thinking, how well do we know our mothers, our grandmothers ? Each of us can only remember our mother from early childhood through to our current adult lives. However there is normally a big knowledge gap about our mother's own childhood, her adult single life and the shared life we lived – she as a mother and we as young infants.


Top 17 questions to ask your mother

Most mothers love to reminisce. If you are lucky and she is still alive, think of meeting and getting to know her better. Questions to ask might include

Her childhood

  1. Her parents ( your grandparents ) how did they choose her name ?
  2. Her parents / her grandparents – best memories ?
  3. What was life like in her house when she was growing up ?
  4. What were her favourite games and activities ?
  5. What was her best Christmas memory / best birthday memory ?

Her early adult lifeMARRIED JUST

  1. Tell you about her first job – what was it like ?
  2. How did she met your Dad ?
  3. Her best date with your Dad ? Why ?
  4. How did Dad propose to her ? where ?
  5. Her wedding day – what are her recollections ?

Her shared life with you up to age 4

  1. Tell me about my birth – time, difficult or easy, did she shout or sing ?
  2. How did Dad and you come up with my name ?
  3. Early memories – feeding, playing, sleeping, fun ?
  4. What was the biggest mess that I created ?
  5. What was it like leaving me to school for the first day ?


  1. If she was living her life again – what would she change ?
  2. What’s on her wish list to do ?


Think of visiting your mother soon and having a great reminisce. Mothers love to welcome their children home. All you have to think of is the marvellous scenes at Dublin Airport and others at Christmas when families including mothers welcome their adult children home from far off lands – the joy, the emotion, the hugs, the tears, the happiness ……


Mother’s Day Thank You

With Mother’s Day almost here, it is a good time to reconnect with our mums and say “Thank You”


What do you admire most about in your Mum ? Write it down and tell her in a letter or a card. The art of writing personalised letters with a pen are practically gone. Yes there’s the phone, there’s email, there’s text, there’s Skype etc. None of these compared to the thrill, the surprise, of receiving an old fashioned hand written letter. A personal letter shows you have taken the time, you care, you remember, you love.

Mother’s Day Gift

Irish Gifts Online Cara Mara Seaweed Bath Pack GiftIf you are looking for a special Mother’s Day gift, think of one of our Cara Mara luxury seaweed baths. Mums love relaxation, gentle skincare, spa days, time out. Give her “Health & Happiness in a Bath”.

To visualise this luxury home spa experience, look and listen  how it works in a Relaxing two minute video . This is no ordinary seaweed bath. It's the "real thing" - freshly harvested in the autumn, frozen on the seashore, full traditional portion to fill the bath - for your mother to relax in her warm bath at home.

Here’s to the Mums

Here’s to the Nanas

Here’s to all the Mothers in the World

Who made us who we are

Happy Mother’s Day

We love you


Best wishes


Cara Mara


PS  If you have a special story on your mother we would love to hear from you.

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