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For 32 years I worked for the same company, which designed manufactured and distributed bathroom furniture for the new build and refurbishment house market in Ireland and near Europe, the last five years as its leader.

The shocking recession in Ireland and Europe in the years 2007-2013 changed all of that. In 2012 I found myself without a job.


The idea of CARA MARA seaweed baths was conceived.

Having lived in the west of Ireland for a few years, I had discovered the novelty of the traditional Irish seaweed bath. Over the years I returned to enjoy the benefits of the few bath houses sprinkled along the Atlantic Coast.  If pressure and stress built up at work, if a running or sports injury interrupted normal life, or if irritable dry skin developed, a seaweed bath was always a most welcome relief.

Sweden / Finland have their saunas.  Turkey has its baths.  Morocco has its mud baths.  Israel / Jordan have their dead sea salts.  The locals in these countries enjoy their native treatments, and have brought them to other countries throughout Europe.


There are two native Irish feel-good get-well treatments.  The traditional Irish seaweed bath is one.  My mission is to bring the therapeutic benefits and delights of CARA MARA freshly harvested Irish seaweed to Irish and European people to enjoy in the luxury and convenience of their own bath at home.  My mission: Happy Skins, Happy Bodies, Happy Faces.


One of my greatest pleasures is harvesting the fucus serratus seaweed in late summer & autumn.  It brings you close to nature.  Each month when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment, a spring tide occurs, and the rich fucus is exposed on the lower seashore.  The warm waters splash back and forth, and the salt spray fills the air with freshness.

The sound of the water movement between the rocks and bird song  bless your ears.  The warm rays of the sun caress your head. The rich oil threads of the fucus moisturise your wet hands.  Fresh sea lettuce picked from the rocks satisfies the taste buds and keeps hunger at bay.  The rich sea vista of water, rock, seaweed, bird life and the curious onlooker are a feast for the eyes and mind.

Friend From The Sea

CARA MARA loosely translated means friend from the sea.  CARA MARA and I are privileged to bring you a special seaweed bath product full of Atlantic fresh natural goodness.

Using it you'll enjoy a special opportunity to "Relax, Recover, Renew" in the luxury, comfort and convenience of your own bath at home.  Whether you are a Body Beauty person, a Sports Active or a Work Busy person (or all three!), we hope you enjoy the many natural skincare and health benefits of the CARA MARA seaweed bath at home experience.

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As part of my preparation I had two seaweed baths, the experience was soothing, relaxing, therapeutic, that helped my skin, my muscles, my whole well being.